Mining Structures

Our pre-engineered structural framing efficiently utilises space, while our foundation systems, hard walling systems and fire-rated fabrics provide the perfect temporary or permanent weatherproof solution. Popular design application for Global Fabric Structures include:

  • Heavy equipment covers
  • High capacity-haul truck workshops
  • Container mounted Igloo shelters
  • Processing & maintenance facilities
  • Stockpiling
  • Warehousing and workshops
  • Equipment storage
  • Site shutdowns
  • Staffing camps


Depending on your requirements, we have structures available that are mounted on containers and push-walls, plinth mounted, and super wide structures to cater for maximum cubic volume. Accessory options include:

  • Vehicle access door systems
  • Personnel access doors
  • Ventilation & insulation systems
  • Integration with HVAC
  • Weather curtains
  • Partial or full end walls
  • High bay lighting systems
  • Fire safety systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Lighting


Design Options


Design Features

Design features of Global Fabric Structure products include:

  • Completely relocatable structures
  • Rapid installation
  • Foundation systems (ranging from earth anchors, strip footings or pier footing systems)
  • Long-lasting fire rated fabrics
  • Efficient space utilisation
  • Accessory options
  • Pre-engineered structural frame
  • Structural longevity
  • Hard walling systems
  • Internal environmental control
  • Translucent membranes


We are committed to providing solutions and products that achieve the highest possible structural integrity, quality and safety standards. Use the links below to download our brochures, or contact us for a free consultation.


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