Global Fabric Structures (GFS) is the go-to solution for a wide range of aviation clients, including commercial airlines, private operators, and government and military departments. We specialise in designing, manufacturing, and constructing tensile fabric structures for aviation applications. This blog post will explore the benefits of GFS structures and the impact they can have on your next aviation project.

A Diverse Range of Aviation Structures

Our product range caters to various aviation needs, including permanent large-span hangars, relocatable or temporary hangars, and rapidly deployed structures for the Aviation Industry. With a modular design and clear span coverage from 16m up to 100m, the GFS range of tensile fabric structures are a popular choice for large aircraft hangars and maintenance facilities.

Rapid Installation and Relocation

One of the key benefits of choosing a GFS hangar is the rapid installation and relocation process. This offers lower installation costs and features simple footing designs and lightweight fabrics, which saves on material costs. The modular design allows for structures to be easily expanded or reduced in size, providing flexibility for your aviation project.

Natural Diffused Lighting

The use of translucent tensile fabrics in our structures allows for natural diffused lighting. This not only creates a comfortable working environment but also leads to reduced operating costs by minimising the need for artificial lighting.

Clear Span Coverage and Modular Design

The GFS range of tensile fabric structures provides clear span coverage from 16m up to 100 meters. This ensures that there are no internal columns or obstructions, allowing for maximum space utilisation and easy maneuvering of aircraft within the hangar. All structures are constructed modularly on 3 to 6m wide bays for any length, providing flexibility and adaptability for your aviation project.

In conclusion, Global Fabric Structures is your ideal partner for your next aviation project. Our diverse range of aviation structures, rapid installation and relocation process, natural diffused lighting, and clear span coverage with a modular design make us the perfect choice for aviation clients seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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