Installing Global Fabric Structure's pre-engineered fabric structures is a streamlined and efficient process designed to save time and money. Compared to traditional building methods, the ease and speed of installation make it an attractive choice for various applications.

Process of Installing GFS's Pre-Engineered Fabric Structures

GFS offers a range of pre-engineered fabric structures, including Supa-Span, Rapid-Span, and Alu-Span. These structures are designed to be versatile, durable, and weatherproof for both temporary and permanent applications.

The installation process involves the following steps:

Site Assessment: Global's experts conduct a thorough site assessment to determine the ideal location and specifications for the fabric structure. This assessment ensures that the structure is tailored to the site requirements, optimising functionality and efficiency.

Customisation: After the site assessment, GFS works closely with clients to customise the fabric structure to their specific needs. From steel-framed straight, curved, triangular, or arched profiles to aluminum-framed structures, GFS provides a wide range of options to choose from.

Manufacturing: GFS utilises advanced manufacturing techniques to produce high-quality pre-engineered fabric structures. The use of modern technology ensures precision and efficiency during the manufacturing process, resulting in durable structures that meet industry standards.

Delivery and Installation: Global manages the entire delivery and installation process, ensuring a seamless experience for clients. With the structures pre-engineered and ready to install, the process is efficient and saves valuable time. GFS's experienced installation teams use advanced techniques to assemble the fabric structure quickly and without disruption.

Ease and Speed of Installation Compared to Traditional Building Methods

Compared to traditional building methods, the installation of GFS's pre-engineered fabric structures offers numerous advantages in terms of ease and speed:

Simplified Construction: The pre-engineered fabric structures are designed to simplify the construction process. With components manufactured off-site, the installation phase is significantly faster and more efficient compared to traditional building methods.

Reduced Construction Time: Global's pre-engineered fabric structures can be installed in a fraction of the time required for conventional construction. This speed is achieved through precise planning, modern manufacturing techniques, and the use of modular components, which can be quickly assembled on-site.

Minimal Disruption: The quick installation process of GFS's fabric structures minimises disruption to the surrounding environment. Traditional building methods often involve extensive excavation, heavy machinery, and noise, while GFS's pre-engineered solutions offer a quieter and less invasive installation process.

Features and Technologies Contributing to the Quick Installation Process

To ensure a quick and efficient installation, GFS incorporates various features and technologies into their pre-engineered fabric structures:

Modular Design: Global's pre-engineered fabric structures feature a modular design, allowing for rapid assembly and disassembly. This modular approach enables easy reconfiguration or relocation of the structure, making it a flexible and adaptable solution for changing needs.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques: GFS implements advanced manufacturing techniques to fabricate high-quality components. This precision manufacturing process ensures consistent quality and reduces installation time.

Expert Installation Teams: GFS has a team of experienced installation professionals who are well-versed in the efficient installation of pre-engineered fabric structures. Their expertise and knowledge contribute to a swift and seamless installation process.

Installing Global's pre-engineered fabric structures offers a quick and hassle-free alternative to traditional building methods. The streamlined installation process, ease of construction, and incorporation of innovative features make these structures a cost-effective solution, saving both time and money.

For more information about our pre-engineered fabric structures and our quick installation process, download the Global Fabric Structure's brochure here.